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Youth Rehabilitation Order

A Youth Rehabilitation Order (YRO) is between three months and three years long. During the time that you are on a YRO you will be expected to attend regular appointments with the YOS. How often you have appointments differs from person to person and is dependant on how high the YOS assess your risk of  re-offending.

When you are sentenced to a YRO the Court will have listed the requirements that you are expected to complete during the length of the YRO. The requirements are designed to help you in changing any aspects of your lifestyle, thinking or behaviour that increases the risk of you re-offending. The Court decided which requirements to make part of your YRO having read the Pre Sentence Report (PSR).

The requirements that can be included on a YRO are:

Supervision Requirement: this means working with the YOS to look at a range of areas that increase the risk of you re-offending, these may include anger management, victim awareness, consequential thinking.

Activity Requirement: this means completing a number of hours decided by the Court doing a set activity. This is likely to include reparation.

Programmed Requirement: this means completing a specific program on a set topic, for example anger management, consequential thinking, substance use etc.

Unpaid Work Requirement (only for 17 year olds): this means completing a set number of hours with the Probation Service.

Curfew Requirement: this can be for up to 16 hours per day and for up to 12 months. The requirement can be ‘doorstep’ which means the Police can attend your home any time during the curfew and you have to be seen by them. It can also be electronically monitored which means having a tag around your ankle.

Attendance Centre Requirement: this means attending a named  Attendance Centre on a Saturday and participating in their programs which may include healthy living, job hunting, thinking and behavior.

Education Requirement: the Court can order that you attend a specific school until July of the year that you turn 16.

Mental Health Treatment Requirement: the court can order you to work with mental health services (CAMHS).

Residence Requirement: this means living where the Court tells you to. They may say that you have to live where social services tell you.

Drug Treatment Requirement: you have to engage with a drug treatment service.

Drug Testing Requirement: you are required to take regular drug tests by a drug service.

Prohibited Activity Requirement: the Court can tell you not to do a certain thing, for example you may not be allowed to travel on public transport, or see certain people.

Exclusion Requirement: this means that you are not allowed to go to a specified area, for example named parks or shopping centers.

Intensive Supervision and Surveillance Requirement: this is a direct alternative to being sentenced to custody. It means having up to 25 hours per week at the YOS and having an electronically monitored curfew.

You can have as many requirements as the Court wants and they can all last for different lengths of time, but all must have finished by the end of the YRO.


  1. What happens if I miss appointments?

    If you miss an appointment without an acceptable reason you will be sent a warning letter. If you receive one or more warning letters you may be returned to Court in breach of your Order.  The court can either extend your order by 6 months, or impose a fine.  For repeat breaches the court may resentence to a DTO.

  2. Can the YRO be finished early?

    Yes! If you do well on your YRO the YOS can refer the Order back to Court and ask that it is revoked early on the grounds of good progress. This can be done any time after you are half way through the total length of your YRO.

  3. Will I have to pay a fine or compensation as part of my YRO?

    You may be ordered by the Court to pay a fine or compensation in   addition to your YRO. The Court will decide how much these will be, but will ask you or your parents about your income before they decide.

  4. Can the requirements on the YRO be changed?

    Yes! If your circumstances change the YOS or yourself can refer the Order back to Court and ask for the Requirements to be changed.