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Pre sentence report

The Court has asked the Youth Offending Service (YOS) to write a Pre Sentence Report (PSR). This report is to give the Court more information about why you committed the offence and how the victim feels. It will also gives the Court information about you and your lifestyle, thinking and behaviour.

The Court have set a date for you to return to Court. On this day the YOS will give the PSR to the Court who will then sentence you. Before you are sentenced you and your solicitor will be able to see the report and ask any questions of the YOS.

You will need to attend at least two, but may be more appointments with the YOS to complete the PSR.

One of these appointments will be within 5 working days of you appearing in Court, and you will be told when this appointment will be before you leave Court. If this does not happen we will write to you.

The other appointment will be with your case manager who will see you at your home.

During these appointments you will be asked questions about the offence and all other aspects of your life (health, education, family, lifestyle, substance use and so on).

Your YOS Officer will need to get hold of accurate and up to date information in order to give the Court a clear picture of you, your current lifestyle and thinking and behaviour. To do this they will contact:

  • Parent/carer
  • Education provider/employer
  • Victim
  • Social Care if relevant
  • Any other relevant agency

You may not agree with everything in the PSR and will have an opportunity to discuss this with your solicitor before Court and they will tell the Magistrates your views.

At the end of the PSR the YOS will recommend the sentence that they think the Court should give you. The Court may agree but they don’t have to. It is the Court that will decide the sentence you will get.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. What happens if I don’t attend any appointments for my PSR?If you fail to attend your PSR appointments, when you return to Court the YOS will tell the Magistrates. They will not sentence you without a PSR. The Magistrates may adjourn the case again for a PSR, or they have the power to remand you into custody so that a PSR can be completed.
  2. What happens if you disagree with the sentence recommended by the YOS in the PSR?If this happens you should tell your solicitor and give reasons. Whatever sentence the Magistrates give you will be expected to comply with.