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Public Service Reform as part of a WMCA

The West Midlands Combined Authority’s “Statement of Intent” sets out the Authority’s ambition to create a world class economy in the region.

To achieve this we need world class public services as well as world class businesses.  We know that better public services create a better environment for growth and private sector productivity.

The current system of public services is fragmented and over-centralised, and it too often fails to meet needs. The projected level of resources cannot deliver acceptable outcomes without radical reform.

This is why the devolution discussions have been welcomed by politicians and professionals alike.  The creation of a West Midlands Combined Authority provides the opportunity to fundamentally change how we deliver public services through joined-up place-based budgets and a new approach to people and technology.

The Public Service Reform workstreams will explore long term transformation of the whole system of services across the region.

The aim is to pilot initiatives that will deliver services that improve our citizens’ capacity to live lives that matters to them, geared towards preventing demand, reducing dependency and growing the capability in our communities.

Devolution can be the foundation of public service reform.  It will allow politicians, officers and other stakeholders to focus on prevention, reducing demand and dependency.   Integrating services will allow savings in one service to be reinvested in another to deliver a more effective and efficient public sector.

West Midlands Combined Authority

Solihull is leading on public service reform on behalf of the combined authority.

The four workstreams are:

Developing approaches that enable individuals with multiple complex needs to improve their lives at reduced public cost is a watermark running through public service reform

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Latest News

A stakeholder event is planned for 19 July see more details about how to book in the events section