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Shirley town centre

The Urban Designers  worked with officers from Economic Development and Shirley Ward Councillors to develop a design to support the revitalisation and enhancement of Shirley town centre.

This involved streetscape assessments and design workshops to identify key problems and interventions, in particular design interventions to enhance the High Street’s sense of place and reduce the negative impacts of the A34 on the town centre’s attractiveness.

Key actions identified included:

  • Enhancement of distinctive town centre buildings, heritage assets and public spaces around them;
  • Improved shop fronts, re-configured frontage, pavement and street spaces in order to create a better functioning street and improved pedestrian experience;
  • A reduction of the negative impacts of motor traffic and car parking through better integrated design and street tree planting;
  • Continuous, direct and legible foot and cycle ways;
  • A street layout that enables easier street crossing for pedestrians and better connections into neighbouring residential areas and nearby green spaces; and
  • Improvements to, and new uses for, rear and service yards.

The resulting outline proposal informed the draft Shirley Economic Plan and draft Solihull Local Plan policies. It also provided a basis from which a Shirley Urban Design Framework together with a programme of projects to implement the Shirley High Street vision could be developed, and potential funding opportunities identified.