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Kingshurst Brook Improvements

We are re‐naturalising 650 metres of Kingshurst Brook to improve its shape and water quality to increase biodiversity.

This section of watercourse has previously been heavily modified, which has resulted in a straight channel with steep banks and straight sides. There has been an absence of natural river processes, and a reduced ability to accommodate large populations of wildlife.

How the brook looked before the works

We have worked closely with the Environment Agency to design a range of physical interventions to reverse the decline in biodiversity in recent years.

The brook will be restored to a more natural look including meanders and the introduction of gravels, streamside wildflowers and grasses. Sections of the banks are being excavated to allow natural erosion and deposition processes to operate.

The collaborative project, funded by the Environment Agency and European Regional Development Fund, and delivered by Solihull Council, helps to deliver biodiversity benefits for local users, visitors and wildlife.

The main works are expected to be completed in the autumn of 2020. The establishment of grass and planting should make for a better, greener brook in spring 2021.