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Hatchford Brook – Back to Nature

Olton Jubilee Park has benefited from some much-needed ecological improvement works. Hatchford Brook, which runs through the park, was contained in a concrete channel, which led to poor water quality, which in turn impacted on local wildlife.

To improve the environment and create a new habitat where wildlife can flourish, the existing concrete water course has been naturalised (as pictured right).

Most of the concrete slabs have been removed from the sides and some excavation has widened parts of the brook. This makes for a more natural stream, with shallow profiled banks and meanders planted with wildflowers and grasses, which will restore the watercourse and make it more natural in appearance.

Initially, during the first winter, the ground may look bare and muddy, but once the planting is established we will start to see an increase in wildlife at the park, both in numbers and types.