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Castle Bromwich Junior School courtyard

Budget: £30,000

On Site: July – August 2011 with planting following in the autumn 

Brief: To create a thought provoking and interesting feature garden that will appeal to pupils as a ‘reward’ when given permission to use the space. Create views or focal points that would lend themselves as the subject for art projects. Rationalise the poor paving and overgrown planting. 

Response: The courtyard naturally split into 3 sections and each was given its own purpose: musical exploration zone, storytelling and chess zone, and artistic exploration zone. An overarching theme of jungle exploration and imagination pulls the whole site together, with exotic looking planting and wild animals.

Seating was arranged through the space to accommodate one class carrying out project work, or to act as informal lunch area for staff. Informal seats include a play boat and carved mushroom stools to fit in with the theme.

The planting scheme has an emphasis on scent, texture, colour and movement to give year-round interest. Artificial grass replaces the worst of the old paving and gives a durable bright surface with textural interest in the darkest corner of the courtyard. A wide range of musical instruments encourages exploration of sound and rhythm.