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Meriden Park Wetland Improvements

Meriden Park Wetland Improvements

12th July 2019

As part of the three-year ERDF match-funded Solihull Habitat and Nature Improvements Project, Meriden Park is seeing some major improvements.

In recent years there have been problems with silt build up and stagnation so we are replacing the lake with wetlands to make a healthier habitat for wildlife and a better amenity for local people. When complete, the area of the existing lake will form a new wetland with reeds, a wet meadow, tree planting, two ponds and a restored Kingshurst Brook watercourse.

The weir beneath the footbridge has been removed and the river banks are being reinforced so that the brook will be naturalised to flow freely through the park. During the works around the footbridge the path across it may have to be temporarily fenced off with a pedestrian diversion in place. We will update with more details when available.

Along parts of the banks there will be temporary plastic piling sheets to reinforce and establish the new bank. These will be removed in 2020. Whilst the planting will need a season to settle in, it should establish and flourish after the winter.

For further information see the Questions and Answers and see a plan of the work.


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