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Landscape design and construction

Landscape design involves the planning, designing and managing of open spaces to create or enhance urban and rural environments. It can be carried out at a broad range of scales and stages from concept design through to implementation. Landscape design includes soft and hard elements, and therefore uses plants and trees, in association with hard surfacing, seating and other structures.

A well-designed and maintained landscape can attract people to an area or site and can have a positive impact on personal wellbeing and the prosperity of an area.

Our design approach for every project is always based upon a sound understanding of the site and surrounding area context as well as a detailed knowledge of the landscape, biodiversity and environment of the site. We often draw together elements relating to habitat and sustainable components as well as recreational landscapes, as part of Green Infrastructure design and provision.

We aim to provide creative, high quality and cost effective landscape design solutions which meet our clients’ requirements, as well as respecting and responding to the existing rural and urban environment of Solihull and the expectations of wider stakeholders and community.