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Ecological surveys and assessments

The Phase 1 Habitat Survey technique is a standardised system for classifying and mapping wildlife habitats across Great Britain. The Council is a member of the Habitat Biodiversity Audit (HBA) and Wildlife Sites Partnership, and as such we have access to Phase 1 Habitat Survey for the borough.

Survey results are then typically used to inform the need for specialist surveys for legally protected/notable species and/or habitats and to ensure that the Council and clients comply with environmental legislation. Initial thoughts regarding mitigation requirements and opportunities for biodiversity enhancements are also regularly included. Our reports include colour coded habitat maps (produced in GIS) which show clearly the extent and distribution of habitat types. Plant species lists are also provided and detailed notes are used to describe particular habitats or features of interest.

By commissioning us to undertake an Extended Phase 1 survey we can help you to identify ecological constraints and opportunities at an early stage in the development process so that sufficient ecological information is available to inform the development process and support your planning submission. In addition the work demonstrates to the statutory authorities that nature conservation issues have been addressed and can also assist in avoiding unnecessary programme delays.