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Ecological Management Plans

A critical component of most types of new development is the need for the preparation of an Ecological Management Plan to demonstrate that Biodiversity Issues have been addressed and that species protected by European Legislation will be safeguarded through all stages of a development.

The preparation of a plan is almost always a condition associated with detailed planning consents. We can prepare, negotiate and carry out monitoring associated with ecological management plans to facilitate your development.

In addition to development, Ecological Management Plans are useful for enhancing school grounds to be utilised as outdoor classrooms and introduce children to the natural environment, linking elements of the plan to the national curriculum and Key Stages. The way school grounds are developed, used and managed can have a significant impact on pupils’ attitudes and behaviour towards school, each other, the wider environment and society. The appearance of school grounds can have a dramatic effect on how a child feels about the place and on how they interact with their environment, other children and adults.