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Added value

The team’s local knowledge, established relationships and partnerships make us unique and provides client confidence and delivers best value.

We have established relationships with the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, Environment Agency, North Solihull Partnership, community groups and volunteer and Birmingham International Airport, and our Council colleagues

Local knowledge builds up over time, knowing who to contact can save time and money, and the importance of continuity is invaluable in a fast changing borough such as Solihull.

The team can offer a personal approach that has enabled new projects to come forward and act as a catalyst for regeneration and creative initiatives, such as our current £2million ERDF scheme for Solihull Habitat and Nature Improvements.

In 2015 the team won a Green Flag ‘Bees’ Needs’ Special Award for Innovation supported by Defra and the National Pollinator Strategy. The winning scheme was in Shirley Park where landscape and planting schemes were designed to attract wildlife and provide for pollinators all year round.