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SENCO feedback

The outputs from the Family Experience day on the 28th April were shared with Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCos) from primary and secondary schools in May and June 2016.  Outputs were also shared with school governors on May 27th

Their response was really positive and the key points mentioned were:

  • SENCos agreed that it can feel like ‘Spaghetti Junction’ and good communication between school, parents, LA services, voluntary agencies etc. is crucial
  • Both strongly agreed that training for all staff in schools in different areas of SEND is  a priority and this is something that schools have focused on this year and will be continuing to do so in the future
  • Both appreciated many of the comments from parents/carers understanding the pressures that SENCos are often under and that this needs to be shared
  • SENCos and governors appreciated the enthusiasm of parents and carers to working together to ensuring the best outcomes for children and young people with SEND