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Solihull Community Educational Psychology Service – Update

3rd September 2020

I hope you have had a successful first week and your children, young people, staff and families are as pleased as we are to be back together again.  I know that I speak on behalf of all our team when I say that we can’t wait to be working with you all again.  With the start of the new term, I wanted to briefly clarify how we are proposing to work with schools, families and settings.  The purpose of this update is to ensure that we continue to providing you with high quality psychological support whilst making sure we are complying with National and SMBC guidance related to COVID-19 to ensure we keep everyone safe. In order to achieve this we will

  • Where possible, and with a clear purpose continue to work virtually. This is consistent with the National and SMBC guidance. However…
  • We recognise that, as psychologists, much of our work together is complex, challenging and may require a face to face consultation, observation or assessment in person. In these cases your Community EP will work with you to clarify the purpose of our work together.  Your EP will work with you to ensure that we comply with your setting’s risk assessment and explain what steps we need to take to fulfil our team risk assessment so we protect you, your community and ourselves.

Your Community EP will be making contact over the next few days to start our work together.

Dr Halit Hulusi

Principal Educational Psychologist