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Additional Needs Strategy

In Solihull we believe that every child and young person matters, and matters equally. We know that many children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) or additional needs may need more support in their life. We have therefore been working with them, their parent carers, and those who support them to write our first Additional Needs Strategy.

Consultation Survey

To access the consultation survey please click here

We were pleased to meet with some parent carers on 2nd November to talk further about the proposed strategy and to hear their views directly. We are sharing the presentation used to set out the work behind the strategy, and the content itself, as feedback from the group suggested this may be of interest to others.

The Children & Families Act 2014 placed children and young people at the centre of our work. We want to change the way we work in Solihull to fully embrace this. As part of our SEND journey there are a number of strategies being developed to better support children and young people with additional needs and SEND (more information about them can be found below). The Additional Needs Strategy underpins all of this strategic work so our aim has been to work with children, young people and parent carers to write this strategy in a different way. A way which is more user friendly for anyone to read and written directly to the children and young people whose lives we are working to improve. We want them to easily know what they can expect of professionals working with them so they are empowered to challenge us if they need to.  We also want them to understand this document and to know what changes they should see being made around them, so they can help us review how effective this has been.

In July 2021 we carried out engagement with children, young people and their parent carers to better understand what was important to them. The results of this survey can be found here.

The Additional Needs Strategy will underpin all other work affecting children and young people with SEND and additional needs in Solihull. The following document explains the strategic work currently underway, and the part each one plays towards improving outcomes – SEND Strategic Activity

The progress and impact of the Additional Needs Strategy, and the other activity aligned to this will be overseen by two multi-agency Boards:

  • The Joint Additional Needs & Disability Management Board – a strategic level group responsible for overseeing strategic direction and overall impact on children and young people. Co-chaired by the Council’s Director of Children’s Service and the CCG’s Director of Joint Commissioning with senior level representation from:
  1. the Council’s Education, Children’s Social Care, Adults Social Care, Commissioning and Public Health teams,
  2. the CCG’s Senior Responsible Officer for SEND and Children & Maternity representative,
  3. the school system through Solihull School Strategic Accountability Board (SSSAB), Schools Forum, Solihull Governor’s Association and Special School sector,
  4. Solihull’s Voluntary & Community Sector representative
  5. Solihull Parent Carer Voice
  • The Joint Additional Needs Delivery Board – an operational subgroup responsible for ensuring the delivery of activity associated with the strategic commitments and operational plans. Co-chaired by the Council’s Head of SEND and the CCG’s Head of Children & Maternity Commissioning with senior management level representation from:
    1. the Council’s Education, Children’s Social Care, Adults Social Care, Commissioning, Stronger Communities and Employment & Skills teams,
    2. the CCG’s Designated Clinical Officers,
    3. the school system through Ed SEND,
    4. Solihull’s Voluntary & Community Sector representative,
    6. Solihull Parent Carer Voice