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Support Groups (disability)

Carers Trust Solihull
Locality: 620 Streetsbrook Road
Town: Solihull
Age range: 25 years+
Monday to Friday (09:00 – 16:00)
Referral Procedure: Self-referral
Carers Trust Solihull – Young Adult Carers
Town: Solihull
Age range: 16 to 25 years
Carers Trust Solihull – Young Carers
Town: Solihull
Age range: 5 to 18 years
Referral Procedure: Anyone can make a referral i.e. professionals, schools, other services, families and young carers themselves
Age range: Birth to 18 years
Locality: Selly Oak
Age range: All families
Referral Procedure: None
Locality: Fordbridge
Town: Solihull, Birmingham
Saturday (14:00 – 16:00)
Age range: All ages
Tuesdays (19:00 – 21:00) & Weekends (times not specified)
Cost (session): Please note: There is a cost if you wish to join the Dyspraxia Foundation, however many events are open to non-members at varied costs
Referral Procedure: None
Age range: All ages
Days and times will be emailed to group members
Cost (session): £10 per family (to cover cost of youth club hire and insurance)
Referral Procedure: None
North Solihull Additional Needs Parent Support Group
We meet weekly, please follow us via Facebook or Twitter to keep an eye out for future dates, times and locations.  
Cost (session): Voluntary contribution
Resources for Autism Coffee Morning Parent Support
Age range: 18 years and above
Second Wednesday of every month (10.30am to 12pm)
Cost (session): We may ask for a small donation to help with running costs, but no cost is demanded
Referral Procedure: None
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Monday to Friday (09.00 – 20.00)
Saturday (09.00 – 12.00)
Cost (session): Free
Referral Procedure: None
Age range: Birth to 19 years
Solihull SENDIAS Service
Locality: Marston Green
Town: Solihull
Age range: 0 to 25 years
Referral Procedure: Self-referral from parents/carers and young people. N.B. Referrals are only accepted by professionals in extenuating circumstances
Monday to Friday (10:00 – 20:00)