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Timetable for transfer from statements of SEN to Education Health and Social Care plans (EHC Plans)

Local transition plan for Solihull September 2016 – March 2018


The Department for Education (DfE) set out guidance on “Implementing a new 0–25 special needs system” in July 2014. This sets out how children and young people with Statements of Special Educational Need (SSEN) will be transferred to Education Health and Social Care Plans (EHC Plans) between 1st September 2014 and 31st March 2018. As a result the Council has drawn up this Local Transition Plan.

This plan provides information about when children and young people will transfer to the new (EHC Plan) system and how this will happen. All Pupils who have had a SEN assessment since 2014 will already have an EHC plan. The majority of children and young people with Statements of SEN have already had these converted to EHC plans. The plan below illustrates which year groups have EHC plans and which are still awaiting Conversion.

Older pupils – typically those in further education – had LDA. (Learning Difficulty Assessment). These are also known as Section 139 Assessments or learner Support Plans. All young people who currently receive support as the result of a LDA who requested an EHC Plan and who are eligible for one, will be issued with one.

All “conversions” will begin with a transfer review meeting which will probably be held at your school or college (for current section 139a/learning Difficulty Assessments). A local authority representative will attend the meeting to ensure that you understand the process and we understand what you want to achieve. We will use your review meeting to identify if any new assessments are needed and then together agree the content of the Education, Health and Care Plan. The whole process – from notification of your review meeting through to finalising the Plan should take no longer than 20 weeks.

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