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Stage two – assessment

Stage two (weeks 1-12) assessment
The plan coordinator makes arrangements for any assessments that need to take place in order for everyone to understand the needs of the child or young person.

Relevant agency carries out required assessments.

The plan coordinator brings together all the information to be reviewed by the EHC panel, when necessary.

What happens in stage two for parents or carers?

Parents may meet other professionals to co-produce the information required for the assessment.

What happens in stage two for professionals?

Professionals must undertake relevant assessments and provide:

Information required to identify the needs of the child/young person and to identify resources which are supporting the child/young person already.

Identify the outcomes the school, college or professionals with the child/young person and views about their future will be needed.

The information provided by professionals for the assessment should be co-produced with the parents, child/young person.

Whenever possible assessment within and across agencies should be coordinated to avoid too much disruption for the family.