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Annual reviews

Between September 2014 and April 2018 we will convert all exisiting Statements of Special Educational Need to Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plans. We have published a timetable for this process. Amended January 2015.

Annual Review Process for EHC Plans and Statements:

For children and young people with Statements of Special Educational Need and those with an existing EHC plan, the annual review process will continue as at present.

It is important to us that children and young people with a Statement of SEN are not disadvantaged by the timescale. We have redesigned the annual review meeting to replicate an Education, Health and Care Plan meeting. This means that the format of an annual review of a Statement of SEN and an EHC Plan will be similar and the summary record of that meeting will be the same.

Conversion Review Process for Statements to EHC Plans:

All ‘conversions’ will begin with a transfer meeting which will probably be held at your school or college (for current section 139a/Learning Difficulty Assessments). It is intended that a Local Authority representative will attend the meeting to ensure that you understand the process and we understand what you want to achieve. We will use your review meeting to identify if any new assessments are needed and then together agree the content of the Education, Health and Care Plan. The whole process from notification of your review meeting through to finalising the Plan should take no longer than 14 weeks.