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What happens once my child is diagnosed with Autism?


When a child receives a diagnosis of Autism, then you will be asked if you would like your child to be referred to the Autism Team.

 If your child has received a diagnosis at the Specialist Assessment Service then your child’s school SENCO/ Lead for Autism will signpost you to the support provided by the SISS Autism Team.

Every mainstream school in Solihull has a named teacher from the SISS Autism team. The SENCo in your child’s school or the SISS main office can tell you who this is. Click here for further information about the Autism Team.

In Solihull, all schools are able to access the Autism Education Trust (AET) training which provides all staff with targeted and up-to-date training about Autism. Schools are also encouraged to audit their autism support using the AET National Standards. For more information and to view the Standards and Professional Competencies please see the AET website:

In Solihull, many schools have a ‘Lead for Autism’ who will be able to support you and your child with information specific to your child’s school. They can also provide support and advice and liaise with school staff if necessary. For those schools without a current ‘Lead for Autism’ then the school SENCO would be the best person to speak to initially.

Newly Diagnosed Intervention

This is provided when a child first receives a diagnosis of ASD. With the support of your child’s school Senco or lead for autism you will have the option to access a parent meeting, drop in session or workshop to discuss your child and the next steps with our support.  This information gathering will be used to write an initial Needs Based Plan to support your child at home and school.

We offer brief initial intervention that may involve some targeted 1:1/ group  support, a pupil profile and identifies the priorities for schools to ensure that they can meet your child’s needs.

If your child attends a school that is outside of Solihull, or attends an Independent School, then this Newly Diagnosed intervention will differ, as out of borough schools will use their own specialist teams and Independent Schools make their own arrangements for specialist support. We offer liaison with your child’s school in this case and will offer one visit to the school if it is required.

Please note -this is only available for pupils who have received a diagnosis within the past 6/9months from the Specialist Assessment Centre. If your child was diagnosed privately, or from a diagnostic centre outside of Solihull, please ask your school SENCo to chat to the named teacher in the school so that we can plan this intervention for your child.

It is essential that we have signed consent from all parents/carers before any intervention can begin

There may be a waiting time for the initial intervention to begin – we will be able to inform you of the likely starting times when we meet with you.

For the initial intervention, your child will work with one of our Inclusion Support Practitionerss to develop their individual profile and/or access some targeted support.

Once the new referral work is complete, your child will be placed on to the main caseload of the team using the Levels of intervention to reflect the level of support that your child may receive.