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Are you concerned about your child’s handwriting, cutting or dressing skills?

Remember children develop at their own pace.

Your child may need extra help  to develop their  fine motor skills, there are various stages of development that a child will go through and some activities to support gross motor skills may help:

  • Using play dough to similar
  • Playing in sand
  • Cooking that includes pouring, stirring and using fingers to mix ingredients
  • Cutting (there are lots of different scissors that may help)
  • Using big chunky pencils and felt tips to colour in
  • Trying a range of pencil grips or range of pencils to help improve pencil hold and control
  • Threading beads or pasta on a lace

Do speak to your child’s teacher or SENco at the school or setting about your concerns as they may be able to offer advice and suggestions. .They will be able to offer various motor skill interventions, resources and ideas that you can use at home with your child.

The school may also seek advice from Solihull Paediatric Occupational Therapists.

If you are still concerned speak to your health visitor or GP.

Some useful websites who may provide some useful information and advice include: