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Inclusion Fund

From September 2017 Early Years providers and Schools can apply for additional funding for children aged 2, 3 and 4 years who have additional needs and/or disabilities.

To find out more about the eligibility criteria, application process and the Inclusion Fund rates please see Eligibility Criteria for the EY Inclusion and High Needs Funding.

From Summer 2021 Term

Level 1 Inclusion Fund £1.17 per hour (3&4 year olds only)

Level 2 High Needs £5.40 per hour (2 year olds), £4.04 per hour (3&4 year olds)

Inclusion Fund application form

Inclusion Fund Specialist Equipment application form

Inclusion Fund flowchart

A panel meets twice per term to go through the applications received for the Inclusion Fund and will contact childcare settings and Schools afterwards to inform them of the panels decision.

The panel will require the following;

1.Please only send in the attached Inclusion Fund application form and required documents.

a) Matrices

b) Supporting Evidence Form

c) Reviewed Action Plan – this must include objectives linked to the child’s needs and outcomes from the additional support.

2. All applications for Inclusion Fund 2 must be signed by a specialist teacher from the Early Years Support and assessment Team or from the relevant team in SISS.  The above evidence must still be included in applications.

3. All applications should be sent electronically to and not to individual members of staff.

4. To process applications for equipment funding quickly please include information/advice from a specialist teacher to support the request.

5. Monitoring arrangements and collating information about impact measures will be agreed and shared annually.

6. As outlined in the Eligibility Criteria for the EY Inclusion and High Needs Funding, Inclusion Funding levels 1 and 2 is available to all children in a Solihull setting regardless of where they live.  The DfE has issued guidance on this to all LAs.

Settings with children receiving Early Years Inclusion Funding, do not need to reapply for funding each term. Inclusion Fund Level 1 will remain with the child until they enter school reception. Level 2 High Needs funding for 2-4 years olds will be monitored by the LA and payment continue unless the child’s level of need/support changes e.g. they get an Education and Health Care Plan.

Where funded children move setting, Early Years funding moves with. Nurseries should ensure that the new setting is given all the relevant information, including plans with outcomes, and the Family Information Service should be informed.

Inclusion Fund Panel Dates 2021/22

DateCut Off Date for Applications (5pm)
Wednesday 20th October 2021Wednesday 13th October 2021
Wednesday 15th December 2021Wednesday 8th December 2021
Wednesday 9th February 2022Wednesday 2nd February 2022
Wednesday 30th March 2022Wednesday 23rd March 2022
Wednesday 25th May 2022Wednesday 18th May 2022
Wednesday 13th July 2022Wednesday 6th July 2022