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Speech Language and Communication Disorder Team – Parents Information and Activities

A very warm welcome to the Parent Page from the Speech Language and Communication Disorder Team.

When we are out and about working with the parents whose children are on our caseload, we are always asked about other activities that can be done at home. So via this page, we aim to keep you updated with activities, resources and website links that we think will be useful to you to support your child’s speech and language skills.

52 Things to Support Your Child’s Speech and Language Skills.

Our aim this year, is to bring you ’52 Things to Support your Child’s Speech and Language Skills’ through weekly activities, which will hopefully inspire you and your children to have fun and ‘Get Talking!’

Activity 1 Obstacle Course in the Woods

Activity 2 Bulbtastic Fun

Activity 3 Spooky Speaking

Activity 4 Funny Fireworks Words

Activity 5 Story Time

Activity 6 Rhyme Time

Activity 7 Share a bag of crisps!

Activity 8 Puddle Jumping

Activity 9 Memory Pairs Game

Activity 10 Marvellous memory

Activity 11 Christmas Crafts

Activity 12 Guess the Object!

Activity 13 Sticks and Stones

Activity 14 It's Treasure Hunt Time

Activity 15 Animal Magic

Activity 16 Playdough Play

Activity 17 Dress The Teddy

Activity 18 Swat that picture

Activity 19 Pancake Day

Activity 20 Musical Madness!

Activity 21 World Book Day

Activity 22 Syllable Sorter

Activity 23 Rice Krispie Cakes

Activity 24 Fruits and Vegetables

Extra Activity Week 24 Mindfulness apps and websites

Activity 25 Stand Up Sit Down

Extra Activity Week 25 Spot the mistakes

Activity 26 Odd One Out!!

Extra Activity Week 26 Rhyming Picnic

Activity 27 Easter Egg Hunt!

Extra Activity Week 27 Big Ted Little Ted

Activity 28 Relatives Restaurant

Extra Activity Week 28 Indoor Scavanger Hunt

Activity 29 Tongue Twisters

Extra Activity Week 29 Name the Function

Activity 30 Magic Bag Activity

Extra Activity 30 Pretend Play

Activity 31 Rock Art Bugs

Extra Activity 31 Guess The Transport

Activity 32 Silly Songs

Extra Activity 32 Food

Activity 33 Simon Says Before and After

Extra Activity 33 Object Function

Activity 34 Word tennis

Extra Activity 34 Hide the Spider

Activity 35 He and she

Extra Activity 35 I spy with my little eye something the colour

Activity 36 Know your fruit and veg

Extra Activity 36 Super Sounds

Activity 37 Pronouns in Play

Activity 38 Animal Actions

Activity 39 Irregular verb ball toss

Activity 40 Treasure box hunt

Activity 42 Indoor Scavanger Hunt

Activity 43 Who What Where

Activity 44 Draw It

Activity 45 Shapes

Activity 46 Bath Time

Activity 47 Singing in the Shower!

Activity 48 Laundry Game

Activity 49 Handprint Animals

Activity 50 Clean up clean up!!

Activity 51 Make Music At Home

Activity 52 Knock Knock Joke..

Chat Challenges

Chat Challenge 1. Create a cartoon character

Chat 2. Comic Strip Chat Challenge

Chat 3. Popcorn Stories

Chat 4. Watching TV

Chat 5 Draw along with Rob Biddulph

Chat 6 Imovie

Chat 7 Name 5 Things (senses)

Chat 8 Name That Car!

Chat 9 Questions 1

Chat 10 Would you rather...number 1

Chat 11 Would you rather...number 2

Chat Challenge 12

Chat Challenge 13

Chat Challenge 14

Chat Challenge 15

Chat Challenge 16

Chat Challenge 17

Chat Challenge 18

Useful Apps

App Evaluation Form 1 - Hearbuilder

App Evaluation Form 2 ME books

Please follow us on our Twitter Page @SISS_Solihull and communicate with us through tweets about the activities.  @SISS_Solihull will also give you a link which will direct you to the activities.

Have fun talking!

Hilary Peace, SLCD Team Co-ordinator and the SLCD Team