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The Speech, Language and Communication Disorder Team

Who are we?

We are a team of experienced practitioners with a specialism in Speech, Language and Communication Disorders (SLCD) .  The Outreach Team is based at Elmwood, whilst the other Teachers and practitioners are located at either of the two Additionally Resourced Centres (ARCs) within Valley and Bishop Wilson Primary Schools.

What do we do?

Once your child has been diagnosed with a specific speech and language impairment/disorder and referred to the team, the SLCD teachers liaise with all the professionals who work with your child such as the Speech and Language Therapist, teachers, parents etc.  Then, through observation and formal and informal assessment, the team identify their strengths and weaknesses to enable suitable learning targets and interventions to be set.  Training is then given to the staff and professionals to ensure best outcomes are achieved.   The team attend reviews and monitor progress carefully.

Through a graduated approach, and depending on a child’s needs, one of our Inclusion Support Practitioners may be allocated to work with the school and child for a block of teaching consisting of two sessions per week for up to 6 weeks.  This intervention will include the modelling of interventions and strategies so school can continue the intervention.  Progress is then monitored and reviewed with the team, school, family and child.

Following support from the SLCD Team children identified as requiring intense support will be offered a place in one of the Additionally Resourced Centres, in which the children receive specialist teaching from staff on a daily basis and regular support from the Speech and Language Therapist.

Referrals are made through the Speech and Language Therapist, or from an alternate SISS member of staff.

To make a referral to SISS please complete the following online form.

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