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Visual Impairment

The Team for Children with a Visual Impairment

We work with children who have a significant medically identified visual impairment which has an impact on their access to education.

We do this by:

  • Working with children from birth until they leave school
  • Providing direct support to children, their families, schools and settings
  • Offering advice and support
  • Assessing functional vision and offering advice on teaching strategies and access to the curriculum
  • Advising on equipment and resources that the child may need
  • Providing support to help the child understand their vision
  • Providing training to schools, settings and families
  • Monitoring needs and progress including access to the curriculum, academic progress, social and emotional needs and level of independence
  • Teaching specific skills such as touch typing, pre-braille or braille skills
  • Liaising and working with colleagues from health, social care and the voluntary sector
  • Providing mobility assessments and  training
  • Providing specialist advice and reports
  • Providing advice on access arrangements for examinations
  • Providing opportunities for children to meet socially

To make a referral to SISS please complete the following online form.