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Multi-Sensory Impairment

The Multi-Sensory Team

We work with children who have a dual sensory loss (hearing and vision) which combined affects a child’s communication, mobility (orientation) and ability to gain information. The team also supports children whose additional needs have impacted upon their development and who require a similar type of specialist support.

We do this by:

  • Providing direct support to the child and their families, including home intervention and specialist group interventions for early years children who meet the criteria
  • The MSI specialist teacher role is part of the Specialist Assessment Service – Complex Medical Needs multidisciplinary assessment process
  • Working in partnership with the other specialisms within the SPI team to ensure a coordinated and individualised approach to support
  • Providing support to settings and schools
  • Assess, offer advice on teaching strategies, management of the child’s needs and access to the curriculum
  • Advise on the specialist equipment and materials the child may require
  • Assess and monitor the needs and the progress of the child
  • Provide training for staff in settings and schools
  • Teach specific skills
  • Work closely with colleagues from health providing joint visits and assessments
  • Work with colleagues in  social care and the voluntary sector
  • Provide specialist advice and reports
  • Provide opportunities for children and families to meet

To make a referral to SISS please complete the following online form.