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Hearing Impairment

The Team for Children with Hearing Impairment

We work with children and young people referred to the team who have a diagnosed hearing loss and will have been fitted with hearing equipment by an audiology clinic.

We work with children from birth until they leave School.

The support we provide can include:

  • Carrying out assessments where these will support in informing practice
  • Advising on: teaching strategies, management of the child’s needs, transitions and access to the curriculum
  • Advising on specialist equipment such as radio aid systems and other assistive technology
  • Carrying out essential checks to ensure that hearing equipment is working optimally
  • Monitoring needs and progress including: access to the curriculum, academic progress, social and emotional needs and level of independence
  • Providing training
  • 1:1 teaching or group session
  • Providing direct support to families
  • Liaising with colleagues from health, social care and the voluntary sector
  • Providing  specialist advice and reports
  • Providing  advice on access arrangements for examinations
  • Providing opportunities for children, young people and families to meet socially

To make a referral to SISS please complete the following online form.