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Communication and Learning Difficulties Team

  • The Communication and Learning Difficulties Team is a team of specialist teachers. The team is a traded team and can be purchased by all Solihull primary, secondary and special schools on an annual subscription basis.
  • The CLD team works with pupils with a broad range of special educational and learning needs aged 5 to 18. Activities provided by the team support a graduated response to SEND. Pupils supported by the CLD team will be receiving SEN Support in school or have a Statement of SEN or Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan.
  • The CLD team have a range of skills and expertise in supporting pupils with special educational needs. These include the following;
    • Literacy and/or numeracy difficulties including dyslexia and dyscalculia
    • motor skills difficulties, including dyspraxia / developmental coordination disorder,
    • general learning difficulties, speech and language difficulties, social communication difficulties
  • Purchasing schools receive direct support from a dedicated, specialist ‘named’ teacher from the CLD team. Each term the school’s SENCO and ‘named’ CLD teacher will hold a planning meeting and agree how best to use the hours purchased.
  • The CLD Team can offer a range of support including:
  • Assessment, advice and support on appropriate teaching strategies and interventions . Assessment to inform a referral to the Solihull SpLD -Dyslexia Panel or for exam access arrangements
  • Monitoring and advice to support pupil progress
  • Direct interventions for individual pupils including modelling of interventions.
  • Consultation and advice and training for SENCOs, teachers and auxiliary school staff.

To make a referral to SISS please complete the following online form.