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Early Years Support and Assessment Team (EYSAT)

The Early Years Support and Assessment Team (EYSAT) is a team of Area SENCos and Teaching Assistants (ISPs) who work with children with a wide range of significant and complex difficulties from birth to the end of nursery in the Early Years Foundation Stage (0 to 5 years). Support takes place in a variety of settings, which may include home, pre-schools, nurseries, the Specialist Assessment Centre and schools within Solihull.

All staff work closely with a range of professionals including SISS, physiotherapy, speech therapy and so on. We offer joint visits with other colleagues when appropriate.

We are committed to the principles of early identification and support, and to inter-disciplinary assessment for children with additional needs and their families/ carers. The team aims to ensure that the educational needs of the children are identified and appropriately met and that we work in partnership with parents.

Referrals to the team are accepted from professionals in education, health or social care, but not directly from parents. Parents/ carers must always be consulted and consent obtained before any referral is made.

The Area SENCo’s will aim to offer each PVI setting and school nursery an annual monitoring visit and will aim to facilitate 2 additional locality based surgeries, which staff can book onto via email.  Schools nurseries and PVI settings can request additional visits for advice regarding individual children at any time.  There is no referral process, schools and settings just need to contact their Area SENCo by email at to request a visit.  The school or setting must ensure that they have completed the consent form with parents prior to requesting this visit.

The home visiting educational support service supports children’s development by helping parents and children to play and learn together.

It is available for families who reside in Solihull and have a child who has been accepted by the TAC panel.

To make a referral to TAC panel please click here.