There are 23 Local Nature Reserves (LNRs) in Solihull, which are havens for wildlife and provide a relaxing environment. The most recent public open space to be designated as a Local Nature Reserve is Langley Hall Park, Olton, which was designated on 29th June 2016.

A full list of LNRs is on Solihull Council’s website.

Practical conservation work, including in the LNRs, is undertaken by Solihull Conservation Volunteers. This is a small, independent organisation with members aged 20-60+ who carry out working tasks on two Sundays a month throughout the year on a range of sites all over Solihull. The wide variety of work includes habitat creation, footpath improvement, fencing and stile construction, coppicing, planting of trees and wildflowers, hedgelaying and meadow management. The group’s website gives more information on their activities, and details of how you can get involved.