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Our Teams

The Direct Work Team: 

A team of specialist early help workers who deliver targeted work with children, young people and families through a key worker model and a team around the family approach with other agencies.

Family workers are the trusted adult dedicated to the family, someone who the family knows by name, who goes into their home and is alongside them, helping them to change through an assertive and challenging approach – challenging the family as well as supporting them by looking at what’s really happening for the family as a whole – understanding and responding to the real problems / causes backed by an early help assessment and agreed plan and common purpose among services.

Children & Young People’s Workers are the trusted adult for a child or young person who is at risk of negative outcomes. They work as part of a team around the family or through an individual assessment and plan by understanding and responding to the real problems /causes.

The work delivered by these teams is 1:1/group work, linking into the other strands of the early help model.  The team are able to support other early help partners, by delivering specialist interventions as part of an outcomes plan.

Early help assessment – a team of co-ordinators that support all agency key workers with the new assessment process, through advice, training and support. They also offer a central duty system for advice. One of these co-ordinators sit in children’s social care teams to support step down processes.

The Enable Team: 

A team of Engage workers who support community groups to deliver universal services to children, young people and families.

The team analyse the current provision across the collaboratives and work with these groups to build relationships and agree areas of support. The support agreed can be advice, guidance, sustainability, training, quality assurance, and support for vulnerable children young people and families.

The team build on existing networks / groups of providers in each collaborative to come together as part of an on-going needs analysis and collaborative approach to delivering universal services.

They work alongside the direct work team to identify appropriate universal provision for their children, young people and/or families to attend.

The Empower Team:

 A team of Engage workers who work alongside children, young people and families in their communities to develop their skills, abilities, and confidence to deliver appropriate community provision and enable them to have a voice in the shaping of services.  The team provide a range of services that adopt the five stage approach – infiltrate, build relationships, offer positive experiences, empower and support and enable and release.

Children, young people and families are actively supported by staff to develop their confidence, skills and experience in order to move onto informal or formal volunteer opportunities.

The team supports the development of a children’s, young people and family and community voice for each collaborative area in order to ensure that they help to influence services and make decisions or approve plans for future service delivery in each collaborative area. This involves training, support and guidance for all members involved and forms a vital part of the new early help model.  They work alongside the direct work team to identify appropriate opportunities for their children, young people and/or families.

There will be 4 young people appointed into this team as apprentices who will support this work.

The Business Unit: 

A team of workers whose main function is to support existing information sharing systems from different agencies and a coordinated administrative service.

Other functions of the business unit are:

  • Facility management
  • Administration
  • Quality assurance and audit
  • Collating area profiles for collaboratives
  • Performance reporting
  • Data analysis
  • Collating troubled families payment by results claims
  • CSE Co-ordination
  • Budgets and finance