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Engage Parenting Tips on Social Media

9th October 2018

We found that due to social media being so popular and an easy source to use for parents who have so much to do and are very busy, we thought putting out some parenting tips online will be very useful for parents to have a read of.

A tip each week will help so many parents with advice, support and their worries.

Being a parent can be stressful and sometimes we don’t know where we can go to get support, having a read on social media can be ideal for us to understand about the different worries we face being a parent. It’s so simple just get out your phone and get on to our website to find ideas and advice on different topics.

It has links to read,  more information on and support to access if needed, we have also attached the Solihull approach online course link on to all the tips as we encourage parents to have a go and do the “Understanding your child’s behaviour course” online so it can give you a much bigger understanding on your knowledge on parenting. The Solihull approach online course also has a range of different information on a variety of topics such as toileting, sleep, behaviour etc.

This source is very useful for parents and carers.

If you would like more information on parenting tips, give Engage a call on 0121 709 7000 or leave a message on social media.