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Engage ManAge Free Course

9th October 2018

29% rise in counselling sessions on peer sexual abuse

(NSPCC, Sept ’18)

Childline have recently reported a 29% rise of peer sexual abuse in 2017/18, highlighting young people’s lack of understanding around consent.

In 2017 the Government released guidance for schools around dealing with sexual harassment and violence:

“A planned curriculum as part of a whole school approach

  1. The most effective preventative education programme will be through a whole-school approach that prepares pupils for life in modern Britain. The school will have a clear set of values and standards, and these will be upheld and demonstrated throughout all aspects of school life. This will be underpinned by the school’s behaviour policy and pastoral support system, and by a planned programme of evidence-based content delivered through the curriculum. Such a programme will be developed to be age and stage of development appropriate, and may tackle such issues as:
  • Healthy and respectful relationships;
  • What respectful behaviour looks like;
  • Gender roles, stereotyping, and equality;
  • Body confidence and self-esteem;
  • Prejudiced behaviour;
  • That sexual violence and sexual harassment is always wrong; and
  • Addressing cultures of sexual harassment”

(DfE, 2017)

Engage have developed a 9 week course for young people aged 11-16, which covers the recommendations detailed within the Government guidance, giving young people a safe space to explore their views of relationships. Having delivered this course in a number of schools, we have been able to evidence the positive impact this has had on all participants. One of the most significant outcomes has been the increase in young people’s knowledge and understanding around consent.

All participants have spoken positively about their participation in the course including the following comments:

‘We learnt a lot about everything. It has changed my view of a lot of subjects’

‘We learnt that we should show emotions and stuff’

‘About being able to reach out to others’

‘How to treat people properly and be polite’

‘I learnt about the different types of consent’

This course was originally designed for young males; however, as a result of the positive impact the course has had, we have now developed a course for young women covering similar issues.

Engage are offering Secondary Schools within Solihull the opportunity for two workers to run the 9 week healthy relationship course within their school. This is a free course, which will be facilitated by two professionally trained workers and is designed to be delivered to single sex groups.

If you are interested in having the course delivered within your school please contact Andy Hunter on or call 07493 864 796


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