Energy services

Energy servicesThrough our experience of managing energy usage in Solihull Council’s corporate buildings and schools, we are able to offer our expertise to other organisations. We have developed a range of low carbon solutions to help you make more efficient use of your assets.

These include:

  • Display energy certificates – advice and an evaluation of energy consumption at buildings
  • Air Conditioning Inspection Reports – a five year cycle of inspections undertaken by an accredited energy assessor
  • Solar photovoltaic – advice on installation operation and benefits
  • Advice on carbon reduction programmes – based around behaviour change and energy profiles at sites
  • Advice on current legislation and an assessment to see if your building meetings the requirements
  • Advice and survey on lighting systems if you are considering intelligent/LED lighting for your building
  • Installation service for numerous energy related projects including design and cost analysis
  • Advice and administration of carbon reduction programmes for your buildings
  • Advice and training for staff and other stakeholders associated with energy

We also offer assessments to identify current energy use, energy related savings potential and renewable energy solutions with the aim to reduce energy costs, reliance on fossil fuels and maximise return on investment.