Whistleblowing Services

‘Whistleblowing’ is the term ordinarily used to describe the disclosure of information by an employee about malpractice that is occurring within their organisation. This will include any illegal, immoral, irregular, dangerous or unethical activity under their employer’s control. This can cover a broad range of matters, including mismanagement, bribery, fraud and health and safety failures.

We understand that whistleblowing can be a difficult, and often delicate, matter; not only for the people directly involved, but for those having to manage the situation. Therefore, it is essential that your organisation has appropriate whistleblowing procedures in place, to deal with disclosures of impropriety, irregularity or wrongdoing promptly and appropriately.

We can help you to achieve this through:

  • Whistleblowing policy development / review / refresh
  • Testing your whistleblowing procedures to ensure they comply with current whistleblowing legislation, are robust, appropriately communicated and fully embedded within your organisation
  • Providing whistleblowing awareness training across all levels of your organisation
  • Providing a single point of contact, independent of your organisation, for all whistle-blowers
  • Investigating allegations made / issues raised by whistle-blowers