Investigative Services

We understand that investigations can be difficult, not only for the people directly involved, but for those having to manage the situation. All of our investigators are professionally qualified (CIPD, CMIIA, CCIP) and have a wealth of varied investigative experience to draw upon.

We will assist you throughout the investigation process in a professional and supportive manner by providing high quality services that are customer-focused, sensible and proportionate.

We carry out investigations for a range of issues including:

  • Fraud
  • Disciplinary
  • Grievances
  • Respect and dignity
  • Whistleblowing
  • General / customer complaints
  • Fact finding / preliminary
  • Capability / performance
  • Elected Member conduct

We use various investigative techniques including witness interviews, surveillance and data analytics.

You can be assured that our investigations are undertaken in line with professional standards and the service includes all work relating to the investigation. This involves taking statements, liaising with union representatives, working with Human Resources (or equivalent), reporting and attendance at any formal hearing or appeal, as well as support if there is a subsequent investigation by a professional body.

Fraud investigations

We have considerable experience and training in undertaking fraud investigations. We can provide fraud investigation services in response to allegations or suspicions of fraud or irregularities. We appreciate that this work is often sensitive so we will ensure that the service we provide is independent, tactful and diplomatic and compliant with current legislation.

Presenting at hearings

We have extensive experience in presenting cases at hearings, so if you need support to know how best to present your case, please let us know.

Independent panel members

If you are unable to constitute a full panel for your case hearing, please contact us. We can provide experienced, independent panel members to hear your case.


We have independent mediators who can help to resolve workplace conflict between individuals, several employees or whole teams.

Mediation can be beneficial in the early resolution of problems, particularly in respect of grievance and dignity at work issues, and can help prevent formal procedures being necessary.


Our diverse expertise means that we can provide training for a range of investigation related work, including:

  • For investigating officers undertaking investigations
  • For managers dealing with conduct cases
  • For chair or panel members on chairing conduct hearings and decision making

In addition, we can provide training on how to improve your systems and processes in light of a given issue, to reduce the risk of future fraud, error or misconduct.