Internal Audit Services

We can offer a wide range of internal audit services to meet your organisational needs. This may be a one off service or an agreed short or long term service. All our audit services are fully compliant with the Public Sector Internal Audit Standards (PSIAS) 2014.

We can give assurances to your organisation and audit committee that your systems and processes offer appropriate and proportionate control and give value for money.

Our clients include parish and town councils, academies and schools.

Our services

Our overarching aim is to provide high quality, responsive services that are customer-focussed, sensible and proportionate. We will provide:

  • High quality services that can be designed and tailored to meet the needs of your organisation
  • Practical, enabling support and best practice advice that is independent, fair and robust
  • Prompt, timely completion of work undertaken
  • Competitive and flexible prices providing clear value for money

To meet these aims, we focus on two key aspects of service provision: quality and flexibility.

In terms of quality, our team of skilled internal audit professionals includes qualified internal auditors and accountants with a wealth of experience in public sector auditing. We:

  • Have significant audit experience, providing financial, operational, procurement and IT auditing as well as fraud prevention and detection
  • Have significant investigative experience, including conduct and fraud investigations
  • Work in a multidisciplinary teams supported by a wider team of professionals with a diverse range of risk management expertise
  • Have easy access to other subject matter experts and technical services within Solihull Council, for example Finance, Legal and Human Resources
  • Can give constructive, sensible and pragmatic advice and recommendations, where needed
  • Can respond quickly should a serious incident occur, to provide rapid support
  • Are polite, courteous, reliable, flexible and punctual

Our staff can also work outside normal hours, for example at evenings and weekends, if needed, by prior agreement.

All services will be managed by professionally qualified and experienced staff and subject to appropriate supervision and quality review.

Internal Audit 

We can act as a fully outsourced internal audit function, providing independent and objective assurance to your organisation, your external auditors, Audit Committee and Principal Accounting Officer that all risks are being managed and the business is operating effectively.

We can provide a programme of pre-planned, bespoke and unannounced audit activity in areas such as:

  • Governance arrangements (including ethics, anti-fraud and corruption, health and safety)
  • Risk management arrangements and risk registers
  • Bank account controls
  • Payroll and human resources
  • Financial procedures and regulations
  • Procurement (invoice payments, purchasing cards and petty cash)
  • Capital expenditure
  • Sundry income
  • Gift and hospitality policy and register
  • Income asset control
  • Information and communications technology
  • Fixed assets

Additional work agreed can also include bespoke reviews of specific systems or control environments. For schools, we can review the Education Funding Agency returns such as the Financial Management and Governance Self-Assessment (FMGS).

Advice and support

You will have access to professionally qualified officers who can provide specialist, technical and practical support, designed to ensure you meet your legal responsibilities and have effective financial, regulatory and compliance procedures in place.

This service can be particularly useful when you are developing or implementing new systems or procedures, and it includes email, telephone and/or face to face support on site, as well as liaison with:

  • Inspectors such as Ofsted
  • Trade union representatives
  • Professional bodies including insurers and their representatives
  • Contractors

School fund audit 

We can provide an independent annual audit and certification of the school fund account.

Value for money

We can provide an audit methodology aimed at:

  • Promoting good value for money by ensuring effective, economic and efficient processes are in place
  • Supporting the accounting officer to complete and sign their statement each year explaining how you have secured value for money

Grant claims certification

We are able to certify grant claims in line with funding body requirements.

Governance framework design and support

We offer an independent evaluation and assurance service designed to support you to manage your increased accountability and potential exposure to liability, by ensuring that governance frameworks are suitable, effective and complied with. 

This can include, for example:

  • Establishing an audit committee (or a committee which fulfils the functions of an audit committee), providing model terms of reference, board and audit committee assessments, as well as an independent and objective assessment of the effectiveness of critical business systems and processes
  • Reviews of the overall governance arrangements, including strategic planning, financial management and use of resources, performance management, information governance and codes of conduct
  • Advice and guidance on risk management and business continuity arrangements, including the facilitation of risk workshops to support the production of a risk register

Other areas can include: contracts and procurement, leasing arrangements, earmarked funds, catering operations, asset management, carbon reduction and management, and year-end accounting arrangements.

Business continuity planning

We offer an advisory service to support the practical implementation and testing of business continuity plans to protect against the consequences of flooding, bad weather, fire, power cuts or any other disruption to day-to-day activities. The service includes access to planning templates, as well as an audit and health check of any existing plans.


We can provide bespoke training on a range of audit related activities including audit planning, training the audit committee and preparation for PSIAS reviews.