Counter Fraud Services

In addition to our investigation services, we also provide a proactive support and consultancy service aimed at preventing losses caused by fraud and/or error. This can include:

Fraud prevention and detection

  • Reviews of existing policies and procedures to ensure all key parties are aware of your ability to prevent, detect and deter fraud
  • Development of counter fraud policies and procedures
  • Providing fraud awareness training or publications for staff and sharing best practice
  • Completing proactive work to highlight fraud, error or losses (including the use of data matching / data mining techniques)
  • Advice on whistleblowing policy and procedures

Fraud awareness training

Our counter fraud expertise means that we can provide informed, relevant and tailored fraud awareness training across all levels of your organisation, including elected members, school governors, senior management, staff, and partners.

Data analytics

We can provide your organisation with data matching, data mining and exception reporting services. These are highly effective methods which highlight unusual transactions that are normally hidden deep within an organisation’s many transactions.  For example, data analytics can uncover duplicate payments to your suppliers or fraudulent payments made through your payroll system.

Fraud risk management

Organisations are only effectively protected from the risk of fraud when they have properly assessed what fraud risks they face. It is essential your own organisation captures its fraud risks and records these on a fraud risk register. The register becomes a living document which helps you make sense of the fraud threats you face. We have a team of experienced professionals who can create a fraud risk register for you, so that you can focus your attention on your greatest fraud risks.