Training & Development

sally for newsletter_crop‘A letter to all prospective Solihull Children’s Social Workers’

Here in Solihull we are very proud of the training & development opportunities we have for members of staff.

Solihull Council is an authority that is dedicated to learning and progression. We are working closely with the present authoritative bodies in social work in developing the CPD opportunities, adhering to the Professional Capabilities Framework, HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) Standards, Knowledge and Skills statements and Employer standards.

Solihull is committed to the development of all social workers, as the importance of providing quality services to children, young people, families and carers is recognised. We want to enhance the development and progression of all.

A dedicated Organisation and Workforce Development Team for Children’s services exists in Solihull and works closely with all the teams. They are happy to meet up with you to discuss developmental issues at any stage in your career. We also work closely with Bournemouth University in order to academically accredit work undertaken, and to provide a standard that we all want to achieve.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you well, and assure you of just how much of a rewarding experience working in Solihull is.

I look forward to working with you in Solihull.

Yours sincerely

Sally Hodges
Director of Children’s Services & Skills

Our Commitment to your Training & Development mr250815Development_35

At Solihull we have a reputation for offering excellent training and development opportunities to social work staff. The opportunities available here in Solihull help to create positive and innovative social work practice.

We provide a strong Workforce Development programme to workers in Children’s services. There is a dedicated team that provide a structured ASYE programme – supported throughout the first year but with an expectation that each NQSW completes the training; direct observations; reflective accounts and regular reviews, before progressing on to year 2 and EPD.

Toni, Consultant Social Worker: “There’s so much opportunity for development. I’ve been a champion in the area of neglect, and assistant team manager and practice educator, and now I’m about to start my role as a Consultant Social Worker. I think Solihull is a really nurturing authority, from the ASYE process for newly qualified workers all the way through to management.” 

Jade, Newly Qualified Social Worker: “The ASYE programme is really helpful, with lots of relevant training. It is challenging but the team and management are supportive, so I’m getting a lot out of it. Caseloads are good and it’s a safe environment to learn.”  

Our Continuous Professional Development brochure was produced in September 2015 and this now provides a clear structure for all workers’ progression throughout their career from ASYE through CPD and on to Practice Education, before potentially developing on to a Senior social work role or ATM. There is a clear core training programme alongside professional development with many of the qualifications accredited through a partnership university. Our main model of assessment is Signs of Safety and this is being implemented across the service.

If you want to experience firsthand the excellent training and development that Solihull has on offer, visit the WM Jobs Portal today.