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What our service users think about us

Every year we do a survey with service users to tell us what they think about the services they receive and the impact it has on their lives. This will include people receiving social care support, both at home and in a residential/ nursing care setting.  These results will be used to inform how we deliver our services in the future through our Advacing Adult Social Care programme.

Below are the results of the Adult Social Care Survey 2014-15 – (383 individuals responded to at least one question in the survey).

Our Services:

  • Over 91% of Solihull respondents are satisfied with the care and support they receive. This measure has improved slightly since last year (89%) and is now in-line with the England average.
  • 59% of respondents say that the way they are helped and treated makes them feel better about themselves, slightly less than last year (63%) and slightly below the England average.
  • 71% of respondents said that it was easy to find information and advice. This is in-line with the 2013/14 result, but below the England average (74%).
  • 81% of our regulated services are now rated good or excellent by Care Quality Commission (CQC)

Quality of Life:

  • The way that respondents feel about their life in general improved for the 4th  consecutive year and with 64% saying that their overall quality of life is good Solihull’s performance now compares favourably with the England average (63%).
  • Most respondents tell us that they feel safe, that they are able to keep themselves clean and presentable, that they get food and drink when they want and that their home is adequately clean and comfortable.
  • However, we recognise that we need to do more to ensure that our service users have control over their daily lives, that they have enough social contact

How Service Users Feel About Their Health & Wellbeing

  • 13% of respondents say that they suffer from extreme pain or discomfort, with this proportion highest among adults aged 18-64 with a physical disability (28%). 8% of respondents are extremely anxious or depressed, with a further 47% saying that they are moderately anxious or depressed. Around 32% of adults aged 18-64 with Mental Health issues say that they are extremely anxious or depressed.
  • 73% of respondents are unable to do at least one of eight personal care or mobility tasks by themselves. The task most frequently cited by respondents as something that they can’t do by themselves is finances & paperwork (64%), followed by washing in a bath or shower (42%).
  • 38% of respondents describe their general health as very good or good, 44% fair and 18% bad or very bad.