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Reablement is helping people to become more independent and is a priority for us to support people to gain and regain their independence – for example, by learning or re-learning the skills necessary for daily living which may have been lost through deterioration in health.

The main focus of the service is on prevention. The service is about working with people to help regain and maintain their independence by engaging with them before the need for a service becomes critical and avoids the need for more intensive services.

The service has established itself and is now working together with the North and South Occupational Therapy team. The service offers evening telephone calls.

Service User Views

“I would like to thank the carers for their help, in particular the equipment they have installed”.

“Before the enablement care I was able to tackle a few tasks (brushing teeth and washing top half! My disabilities prevented me from moving and tackling more day to day activities.The Carers supported me fully and encouraged me to take on those tasks that were within my ability but that I had lacked the confidence to try”.

“I am very grateful it has given me my confidence back and everything you have done has helped me”

Service User,  Family and Carer Views and comments

“I am grateful for all the advice with helping my Mum regain confidence and care for her safely”

“All advice given was much appreciated and suggestions acted upon”

“The service enabled L to be independent to cook fresh meals from scratch.  Clear care plan enabled me to know and understand the required support and support L physically, emotionally to empower her to develop and enhance her to develop the skills to live independently”.

“My mom has become slightly more independent and more motivated to do things for herself, therefore we have become less needed in some areas, for example preparing food and some basic care”.

What is happening in 2016

  • Smart Phones for all Promoting Independence Workers so that they can have instant access to any changes in plans and customers.
  • Continue to extend capacity for service.
  • Work towards outstanding service delivery.