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Integrated 0-25 SEND service

The Council is working with colleagues in health to develop our multi disciplinary and multi agency approach to meeting the needs of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities from 0 – 25 years of age. We work together with children, young people and their families or carers in a joined up way to prepare children and young people for a fulfilling adulthood. This includes transition for some young people from specialist Children’s to Adult Services.

Central to this work is the continued development of a joint, ‘team around the child’, person centred way of working together. Parents/carers and children/young people are at the centre of decision making and planning. After the age of sixteen, the child’s views are paramount and our approach needs to reflect this.

Within the council we are reviewing services and this will be done in phases. We are due to start consultation on the first phase of these changes in June 2016. All council staff will be co-located at our Elmwood offices from September 2016.

What we are doing:  

  • The multi disciplinary project board continues to work on service developments that will make us more effective and efficient in:

identifying and assessing SEND; arranging to meet those needs – and most importantly in improving outcomes for children and young people.

  • We report our progress to The SEND Board – this provides governance, scrutiny and challenge. Representatives from all stakeholder groups attend this Board. There are ‘experts by experience’ – parent/carers and young people with SEND in addition to all services across children and adult services within education, health and care services, including Headteachers.
  • The Statutory Assessment, Placement and Review Team, Education Psychology Service, Specialist Inclusion Support Service (SISS), Children’s Disability team and Adult Social Care transition workers will be co-located at Elmwood Place from September 2016.