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How we monitor our services

We have a team of Care Quality Monitoring Officers (CQMOs) who monitor the quality of the care that is being provided in care homes, nursing homes “supported living and extra care” and from homecare provision that we contract with. These locations are regulated by the Care Quality Commission, which regulates all of the health and social care services in England. Quality audits and regular monitoring visits take place to ensure that providers are meeting the required standards. We ensure that these views are shared with relevant teams and other partners in the Council, which helps us to continually improve the standards of care.

What we have done

We have continued to use the quality audit tool which we adapted last year. We have made some slight adjustments to ensure the tool was in line with the new specification for residential/nursing homes and following implementation of the new Care Act 2014. We continue to carry out quality audits and request action plans if improvements are required. If necessary we attend safeguarding enquires where we may need to provide information around the quality of the provider.

Here’s an example of just one of the ways we are working to improve the quality of our services, you said:

We were advised by a service user that since the cook had left the home, the quality of food had gone down, portion sizes were small and there was not enough food if anyone would like a second portion.

We did:

CQMOs carried out an unannounced visit around meal times. We gathered feedback from a number of people including the person who brought the concerns to us, observed the mealtime experience, portion sizes, choices and the quality of the meals. Overall the feedback was positive.

What’s next:

We aim to gather more information and feedback from service users, their families or representatives about their experience in care. We are currently working with partners, particularly the Council’s Experts by Experience, to achieve this.

We will ensure these views are shared with relevant teams in the Council and help us to improve the standards of care.