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Homecare support is practical help provided to people to remain independent within their own homes. We can support with personal care such as washing or dressing, or other practical daily tasks such as help with domestic chores.

What we have done:

Following on from the implementing of the electronic call monitoring, the Care Quality Monitoring Officers (CQMOs) can report that they have found this a very useful tool which has allowed us to monitor call times, the length of calls and the punctuality of calls. It also shows the consistency of care which is very important in respecting people’s dignity. It can provide evidence when concerns have been raised which  require further investigation, such as during a safeguarding enquiry, or if individuals or their families have raised concerns. We continue to carry out quality audits and request action plans if improvements are required. If necessary we attend safeguarding enquires where we may need to provide information around the quality of the provider.

We have adapted the quality audit process that we use with homecare providers to enable us to gather feedback from service users and stakeholders more frequently. Quality audits now take place twice a year each with a specific focus.

Here’s one example of how we used to feedback to improve our homecare support, you said:

A service user informed their social worker that their calls were very short and they were not carried out at the agreed times

We did:

CQMOs analysed the electronic call records, crossed referenced with the service order and daily recording within the individual’s home. A meeting took place with the manager to discuss the evidence. The manager took appropriate action with the member of staff. Feedback was given to the service user via the social worker

What’s next

  • We will continue to review our quality monitoring processes to ensure that providers are effectively monitored.
  • We will promote best practice and maintain ongoing support to providers