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Financial facts and figures

In 2014/15 the Council spent 30% of its total budget on Adult Social Care

The Council’s total spend on Adult Social Care was £53.3million in 2014/15, compared to £54million in 2013/14.

Solihull has a significantly higher proportion of older people than the England average. A demographic ageing population and financial pressures will have a huge impact on adult social care in the future.

Adult Social Care expenditure by care group:

Services for people with a Learning Disability: Services for people with a physical disability:Services for people with a mental health problem:Services for older people:Income and non-client group specific:
2013/14: £22.3 million 2013/14: £5 million2013/14: £3.4 million 2013/14: £24.1 million 2013/14: £-0.8 million
2014/15: £20.8 million 2014/15: £4.2 million2014/15: £3.6 million2014/15: £25.4 million 2014/15: £-0.7 million
  • 41% of the council’s spend is on ASC and only 1 council in the region has a higher average spend of 42%. Of our 41%, we give the lowest percentage to older people, where as the cost of placements for younger people is disproportionally high.
  • We are keen to learn from other Local Authorities and work with colleagues, Experts by Experience and Think Local Act Personal to ensure that co-production is part of our everyday culture.
  • ASC spend: in 2015/16 we plan to spend 41% of the total of Solihull’s spend on ASC. In 2014/15 we spent 38% and in 2013/14 we spent 30.5%. This spend has consistently gone up over the last 3 years and shows our commitment to improving health and social care within Solihull. Ours is the 2nd highest spend in the region.
  • Spend on adults over 65: Solihull spends the lowest on people who are aged 65+ and the key reason could be that a high proportion of people aged over 65+ who are paying for their own social care. The percentage of our population who are 65+ is 43,272 (ONS midyear estimate population for 2014).