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Commissioning and market shaping

‘Care and support is about collaboration’

In Solihull, we believe that it is the quality of day to day support that shapes people’s experience of social care and enables them to exercise choice and control over their lives.

Some people need support from organisations like the NHS and the Council to get the help they need, but many others arrange their own services from local providers, or get all the help they need from friends and family.  Making sure there are lots of different support options for people is part of the Council’s market shaping role: we work constructively with care and support organisations, sharing what we know and identifying gaps in local resources.

This collaborative approach is reflected in our Market Position Statement which helps to signal potential business opportunities for individuals and organisations, leading to a wider choice of support and activities for people in Solihull.

When we commission services for local people we involve them and our provider partners in the process. As part of our work to improve home care support we have been listening to service users and their families, as well as care organisations, to understand how we can arrange the best support we can afford.

We have commissioned a Cost of Care exercise, collaborating with care providers and the United Kingdom Home Care Association, to ensure Solihull has a sustainable home care market.  We engage with providers and user-led organisations through a range of forum meetings, focus groups and themed events, valuing the sector’s expertise and working creatively to find the best support for our citizens.