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Assistive technology

Assistive Technology And Telecare (Often referred to as ‘useful gadgets’)

What we have done:

  • Worked in partnership with Solihull Community Housing to install over 500 useful gadgets
  • Worked closely with Promoting Independence Team to offer useful gadgets for users of that service
  • Supported use of gadgets in residential care, supported living and residential care
  • Developed use of GPS tracking devices for people with dementia and acquired brain injuries
  • Added information to Solihull’s new web-portal

What’s happening in 2016:

  • The Better Living Centre is opening in early 2016.  Its Demonstration House offers fantastic new facilities for Solihull Citizens to learn how they can benefit from assisted living equipment
  • The Gadgets team is relocating to the Better Living Centre
  • Publicity to raise public awareness about useful gadgets and the Better Living Centre
  • Offer update training to staff working for the Council and our partners

Case Study:

Emma is a young adult with severe cerebral palsy.  Despite her limited verbal communication she recently finished studying at college and returned to live at home with her mum, younger brother and sister.

Emma’s night routine became erratic.  Her mum began sleeping on the sofa so she could respond to Emma during the night and minimise disruption to the other children.  Emma’s mum found this increasingly difficult to manage because she was not getting a full night’s sleep.

Emma’s social worker got in touch with Solihull Council’s Gadgets team to discuss ways to support Emma and her mum.  Emma’s mum wanted to be able to sleep in her own bed but still know when Emma needed help.

The Gadgets Team recommended a simple ‘jelly switch’ for Emma to press when she needs help.  The switch just needs a light touch to raise an alert so it is ideal for people who lack the dexterity to use a conventional alarm button.  The switch raises an alert via a pager which can be set to either bleep or vibrate. The pager is very useful for Emma’s mum because she can put it under her pillow and it will wake her when Emma needs help.

The gadgets have meant that Emma is able to call on her mum when she needs help and enable Emma’s mum to sleep in her own bed knowing that she will be woken if Emma needs help.  They have enabled her to effectively manage her caring responsibilities for the whole of her family.

Jelly switch







For more information about gadgets and assistive technologies please visit