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Advancing Adult Social Care

We recognise that our Adult Social Care operating model needs to change. With the introduction of the Care Act 2014 and the changing demographics of our communities we need to review and redesign how we deliver Adult Social Care services in Solihull using co-production to ensure that they meet the needs of our current population, but are also sustainable for the future.

We have developed an Adult Social Care Offer. This sets out, for people living in the borough, their carers, employees and other stakeholders, the principles which will inform the delivery of Adult Social Care in Solihull. We are now considering how we transform our services to deliver the Offer in the most person centred, effective and sustainable way.

We understand that to effectively transform the delivery of Adult Social Care we need to work with the people who use services, staff and other stakeholders. These people are best placed to understand which model can most effectively deliver services to the people of Solihull. With this in mind we have begun an advancing programme which will be facilitated by an Advancing ASC Team made up of Adult Social Care workers. The Advancing ASC Team will support operational staff to engage with the people of Solihull to co-produce and implement updated or new services.

The underpinning principles of the advancing programme is openness, transparency and co-production. The programme will be led by operational managers and will look at all areas of service delivery and, with the involvement of staff, people who use those services and other stakeholders, will consider what works, what can be improved and what the people of Solihull need for the future.