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Local Account 2015/16

Welcome to our 2015/16 Adult Social Care (ASC) Local Account and first online version!

Through our Stay Connected email bulletin service, we will be highlighting a different theme from the Local Account every month and asking for feedback. To sign up to receive the emails click here.

The Local Account is about Solihull Council letting you know how well we are doing in delivering care and support services. Ultimately though, it’s not for us to judge, but for those of you receiving services and the families, friends and neighbours who support them. We want people in Solihull to be judging how well we are doing and holding us to account.

We’ve made good progress in recent years to improve care services in Solihull and this Local Account shows what we have achieved working in partnership with the NHS, service users and carers, providers and the voluntary sector and the wider community, while also outlining areas that we are working to improve.

Advancing Adult Social Care is one of the Council’s top priorities and Solihull Together for better lives represents the ambition of all partners to improve lives in the borough. In July, Solihull was awarded Vanguard Status for ‘Urgent & Emergency Care’ by NHS England. This award, given to only eight areas of the country, was in recognition of the good work we are doing locally to improve health and care services.

Building on this and other on-going work, our aims are:

  • To support people to maintain their own wellbeing and independence.
  • Where people do need care and support, we want them to have confidence in the services they receive, to feel safe and to feel in control.

We will know we are doing the right things when people can say:

“I can plan my care with people who work together to understand me and my carers, allowing me control and bringing together services to achieve the outcomes important to me.”

In addition we want people to see and be able to agree with:

  • I am confident that my care and support will be of high quality and I will be safe, treated with dignity and respect.
  • I can maintain my maximum degree of independence.
  • I can get high quality information and advice from a variety of sources so that I understand how care and support works and I can get the support I need.
  • I feel in control of my care and support.

This can only be achieved with the support and involvement of our dedicated staff, partners, service users and their carers, in planning and delivering effective and efficient services that meet the care and support needs of local people.

Our ambition is for you to judge us as delivering great services.

Please take the time to tell us what is important to you and your families, and how we are doing.

Jenny Wood
Director, Adult Care & Support