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Our workforce 2016/17

Solihull Council

We directly employ 458 social care staff who work across a range of services including: Hospitals, Mental Health, Reablement, Day Opportunities, Small Homes, First Point of Contact, Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS), All Age Disability, Community, and Local Area Coordination. 

Experts by Experience

Experts by Experience (EbE) – Solihull CIC is a non-profit organisation made up of people who use services and carers.

They are an independent group that bring the voice of the person using the services and their carers to projects and meetings within the Council.

During the year, EbE has been involved in a range of projects, including:

  • The appointment of officers within Adult Care & Support
  • The evaluation of Care at Home tenders
  • Working with the Community Equipment and Wheelchair Group, Solihull Safeguarding Adults Board, and Adult Care & Support Workforce
  • Consultations regarding Assessment and Review
  • Co-production and delivery of training and awareness to show how a personalised approach to services and support is the best way to achieve effective and independent living
  • Leading focus groups at day centres

Through the group’s experiences and expertise, they also include the voices and opinions of more vulnerable groups and their carers in their projects and research.

Comments received about the EbE:

‘They bring a very valuable user perspective to the table, particularly regarding what they perceive as being of actual value to users.’

‘Practice around report writing has changed to be become more personalised and the Experts by Experience have influenced decisions made.’

‘The Experts by Experience always speak from their own perspective as carers and people who use services which is valuable.’ 


Throughout 2016/17 we delivered 159 different training courses to staff within Adult Care & Support across a wide range of topics. In total, 4,129 people completed these courses.

In addition, we delivered 40 refresher training programmes which covered a wide range of topics including safeguarding, autism, dementia, and diabetes awareness.